14 tracks, 74 minutes

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All tracks written and performed by Greg Segal except: Chrissy Barr, environmental recording, direction, performance and co-author on "Interior"; Eric Wallack, 12-string acoustic guitar and co-author on "Valleyheart Bridge".

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1. Sahara, 1909 (from the album "In Search Of The Fantastic")

2. Interior (excerpt) (from the album "Intext", with Chrissy Barr)

3. Valleyheart Bridge (from the album "Asleep Or Somewhere Else", with Eric Wallack)

4. Calling 1/Spontaneous Knowledge (from the album "An Awareness Of Frameworks")

5. The Eye That Shines In Darkness, Part 7 (from the album "The Eye That Shines In Darkness")

6. Standard, Part 1 (from the album "Standard")

7. The Hero As Pantry, Part Three (excerpt) (from the album "The Hero As Pantry")

8. Planet Of Garbage, Part One (excerpt) (from the album "Planet Of Garbage")

9. Episodes (exerpt) (from the album "Episodes")

10. Mutation Night (from the album "Adventures Of Forever And Nowhere")

11. Someday They'll Talk About This (from the album "Rivers")

12. A Play Of Light And Shadow (from the album "A Play Of Light And Shadow")

13. Stains (from the album "The Old Familiar Place")

14. When Every Day Is Yesterday (from the album "Tales Of Today Will Be Tales Of Long Ago")