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A musical look backwards and a farewell as what is becomes what was. Elements of blues, jazz, hard rock, soul and Segalian musical textures season the sonic stew.

All sounds performed and arranged by Greg Segal*. Instruments: acoustic and electric guitars, drums and percussion, bass, recorders, bowed device, cello, clarinet, delay, household objects, vocals, breathing and mouth sounds, sleep box, whistling, effects. *Special Guest Star: M. Segal, harmonica on "The Ant Game".

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1. Tales Of Today Will Be Tales Of Long Ago

2. The Driving Life '62

3. Decembers

4. Fulton

5. The Simple Years

6. The Driving Life '69

7. Growing

8. Summers, When They Counted

9. Dreamtime

10. From Past Lives

11. Independence

12. The Ant Game

13. Sorting Memories

14. The Driving Life '93

15. Tales (reprise)

16. Division Street

17. Marginal

18. Departures And Arrival, '98

19. My Canh Music

20. Seven Will Not Return

21. When Every Day Is Yesterday


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