Eric Wallack/Greg Segal Asleep Or Somewhere Else PAle 08


 Expect The Unexpected.... 

Atmospheric pieces covering a wide range of styles (from pastoral to nightmarish) and instruments (from alto sax to pipa to the humble electric guitar).

  CD, 75 min., 17 tracks, $6 (see products page for ordering info)

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Eric Wallack:

acoustic 6 & 12-string guitar, electric guitar, upright bass, alto saxophone, pocket trumpet, bamboo flute, percussion, keyboard, pipa, mandolin, sound effects, treatments

Greg Segal:

6 & 12 string electric guitars, fretless electric guitar, electric bass, percussion, recorder, vocals, effects 

from Phantom Airship (see below for details)

 1. Crop Circle Geometry

EW: keyboard, percussion.

GS: electric guitar.

2. Tape Before Dawn

EW: electric guitar, live looping.

GS: electric guitars.

3. Faro Inspects The Borders

EW: randomized percussion, organ.

GS: fretless electric guitar, bowed device.

4. The Purple Life

EW: alto saxophone.

GS: electric guitar.

5. The Circle And The Center

EW: acoustic slide guitar.

GS: electric guitar.

6. Last Train To Marrakesh

EW: keyboard, sound effects.

GS: electric guitar.

7. Before The Beginning

EW: bamboo flute, pocket trumpet, percussion.

GS: electric guitar.

8. Fall Away

EW: randomized percussion, upright bass.

GS: 12-string electric guitar, vocals, loops.

9. The Foundation Gives

EW: electric guitar, live looping.

GS: electric guitar, electric bass.

10. Zap'n The Cap'n

EW: electric guitar.

GS: fretless electric guitar, live looping.

11. In The Orange

EW: pipa.

GS: recorder, live looping.

12. Uzumaki

EW: acoustic slide guitar.

GS: electric bass, percussion, recorder.

13. Valleyheart Bridge

EW: acoustic 12-string guitar.

GS: electric guitar.

14. Unseen Labors

EW: acoustic guitar, upright bass, mandolin.

GS: electric guitar.

15. Tawhiri

EW: randomized percussion.

GS: Tawhiri impersonation.

16. Soft Glass

EW: electric guitar, live looping.

GS: percussion.

17. The Fine Grey Morning

EW: acoustic slide guitar.

GS: electric bass, percussion, red-breasted soprano-recorder-through-a-pitch-shifter, electric guitar.



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