8 tracks, 41 minutes

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Musical surrealism with a humorous edge, based around manipulated vocal tapes with corresponding instrumentation. Part four of the 2003 solo sessions series.

Greg Segal: tapes, vocals, word jumbling, recorder, effects, electrical buzzing, cymbals, bells, egg slicer.

Chrissy Segal: guest vocals and dialogue on "Hero" pts. 1, 4 &5

Kelli Carlson: guest vocals and co-composer on "Kelli's Dream"

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The Hero As Pantry

1. part one

2. part two

3. part three

4. part four (surely you must be catching on by now)

5. part five (bet you didn't see that coming)


6. Betsy Reads A Grimoire

7. Betsy Learns First Aid


8. Kelli's Dream