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A journey through the rivers of the world both in symbol and reality. Lots of acoustic and "world" sounds on this (mandolin and dulcimer are the featured instruments), comingled with Segalian electronics/textures and rock (progressive and otherwise).

All sounds performed and arranged by Greg Segal. Instruments: mandolin, dulcimer, guitars, bass, drums and percussion, clarinet, vocals, recorders, delay, bowed device, whistling, gopichand.

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RIVERS (73:05)

featuring the following sections:

1. Frontiers

2. A Journey None Knew Where

3. Difficult Beginnings

4. Dissolving Surface

5. Speed Drifting

6. An Older Way

7. First Camp

8. Campfire

9. Breaking Camp

10. Okeanos

11. Into Flux Passage

12. Powell's Echoes

13. Canyon Walls

14. Tributaries

15. Rapids

16. Recover, Move On

17. From The Tree

18. Fast Water

19. Reminiscing Into The Unknown

20. Valley Of The Stinging Death

21. Creation Pass

22. Ornith Gate

23. Some Day They'll Talk About This

24. A Hasty Advance

25. Preservation Landing

26. Ayung

27. Potamoi

28. Hidden Falls

29. Destruction Pool

30. Panic Gorge

31. The Great Dissolve

32. A Coin For Charon

33. The Endless River


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