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22 tracks, 52 minutes

Music influenced by the Noh plays and their formative mythology, Japan's ghost story traditions, and the reflections of such things, diffuse or direct, into modern life.

All sounds performed and arranged by Greg Segal. Instruments: acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, bass, acoustic and electronic drums and percussion, recorders, delay, pan pipes, vocals, effects.

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1. A Play Of Light And Shadow

2. What Lies Beneath

3. The Battle At First Valley

4. Zen After Hours

5. The Mind Knows No Country

6. Uzume Lets It All Hang Out

7. Now We Have Come So Far

8. The Haunted Pool

9. Sea Monkeys

10. Green Hill

11. The Tracks Of Ancestors

12. Record Of Ancient Matters

13. I Am As The Useless Tree

14. Boundless Light

15. Revolving Doors

16. 99 Notches

17. The Years Fall Like Snow

18. One Less Illusion

19. Atsumori

20. A Wild Night And A New Road

21. Ghosts Of The North Hollywood Night

22. A Long Walk Home From Nowhere



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