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17 tracks, 46 minutes

More musical impressions of hauntings, this time all centrally based around "a house with history". Elements of jazz, musique concrete, classical avante garde, deranged chamber music, and heavy prog combine to paint aural portraits of a bad place, its spectral dwellers, and its ongoing quest for new company.

All sounds performed and arranged by Greg Segal. Instruments: fretted and fretless electric guitars, acoustic guitar, bass, acoustic and electronic drums and percussion, bowed device, recorders, clarinet, delay, household objects, vocals.

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1. Bad Ground

2. A House With History

3. A Feeling On The Stairs

4. Somehow Your Past Is Here

5. Stains

6. Only Wood, Metal and Stone

7. The Playroom

8. The Boy In The Hallway

9. The Room Of Clocks

10. The Clockmaker

11. Processes Unknown

12. Flooded

13. Awakening On The Grounds At Night

14. A Conversation Of Energies

15. The House In A Different Light

16. Time To Get Out Of Here

17. And Now You Will Join Us



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