Drug Music once again was the first to broadcast something off a new GS album; the track was "From The Tree" from "Rivers", and it was played on the 12/14 show.

The new Jugalbandi album, "Bid For Legitimacy", is now available, although the page for it is not yet up on the Jugalbandi site. The site is currently viewable but in limbo because we are in the midst of changing hosts; we hope to have that taken care of soon so you can check out the cover, read the album notes, etc. Meanwhile, "Bid" is available through Phantom Airship for $6 plus s&h, the same as the other Jugalbandi 2003 CDs. Check back here for updates on this situation.



The Prog-Rock Diner played a really nice selection of GS and Jugalbandi yesterday. The show kicked off with "Sahara, 1909" from "In Search Of The Fantastic", and then went straight into "Spontaneous Knowledge" from "An Awareness Of Frameworks"; and then later in the show "Atomic Research In The Quiet Bunker" from "Jugalbandi: 1999".



"The Prog-Rock Diner" has been playing my stuff, and I've been informed they'll most likely be doing so again on tomorrow's show. The show airs 12-2pm EST Sundays. Follow the link on their name to the webcast. And let's try this link for their show description.

The excellent Melo's ProgBazaar has recently been doing webcasts. GS music was featured with "If I Die Tomorrow" on their 2nd one. Here's the link.

Adventures In Plasticland played "Apartments" from "Darkland Express" on their 9/11 show; and once again used the entire "Eye That Shines In Darkness" album as a backdrop for the Halloween Hamilton Paranormal special.



"Rivers" (working title "Charting Rivers") is now available. The album heavily features mandolin, dulcimer and percussion, and also gives a much more prominent role to the clarinet. But there's still plenty of electric guitar, drums, fuzz bass, sound-as-music electronics, etc., blended in.

The next Jugalbandi release, "Bid For Legitimacy", is probably only a week or two from being available.

Some of you may have noticed site difficulties over the last couple of weeks. I've switched web hosts. The Jugalbandi site will be following shortly, and hopefully there will only be a short break in its availability. Look for an expose'/rant giving the gory details in the very near future.

Meanwhile....there was a small bit of coverage going on. "Premonition", from "Adventures Of Forever And Nowhere", got played on the 11/3 installment of Drug Music ; and the Epic Compositions show on Delicious Agony played all 26 minutes of Jugalbandi's "The Cram And Stuff Method" on 10/19/05.

I hope to be doing further updates to this site (long overdue) in the near future.

After a promotional blitz for "Rivers" and "Bid", I will be getting to work finishing up the next installment of the 2003 series, "A Play Of Light And Shadow". This one is a loose amalgam/hybrid of the No plays (contents and origins) and urban Zen noir angst. Hard to explain in words, I think the music will do a better job of it.



Delicious Agony has been playing tracks off "An Awareness Of Frameworks" .

Speaking of which, there's a new review of "An Awareness Of Frameworks" at Progressive Ears. (Go to their reviews section, on their front page in the menu on the left.)

Little Fyodor worked his way right through all five parts of "The Hero As Pantry", playing pt. 4 on 9/10 and pt. 5 on 9/24. (See his playlists here.)

"Planet Of Garbage" has just had a really fun review courtesy of Holly Day at Cosmik Debris.

Better late than never dept.- again!: I've discovered I had a nice bit of airplay on the Gagliarchives way back at the end of July (7/30): "Mutation Night" from "Adventures Of Forever And Nowhere", and "The Museum At 20,000 Fathoms" from "Episodes".

Work continues on "Charting Rivers".

Last, news and updates from 2004 have finally been moved to their own page.



Unfretted, a website featuring fretless guitar and related instruments, has put out a double CD of fretless players from all over the world. Called "Village of the Unfretted", it features 35 artists. I contributed "The Place of Three Roads" from "An Awareness Of Frameworks". It's now available through the website, and should be available through CD Baby within a few days.

There's a review at Progressive Ears of "Adventures Of Forever And Nowhere". (A direct link didn't seem to work- you have to look this one up through their reviews section, on their front page in the menu on the left.)

There's a Jugalbandi retrospective at MovimentiProg (in Italian of course), covering everything through "Night Crazy". (If you prefer it in a very strange and funny computer translation to English, look this page up on Google and hit "translate this page".)

Little Fyodor continued working his way through "The Hero As Pantry", playing part 3 this week on his "Under The Floorboards" show on KGNU.

Don Campau's 8/28 edition of his No Pigeonholes show featured an unspecified section of "Planet Of Garbage".

Last, I've posted a page explaining the Pale Series production philosophy.



"Late Nights" from "Adventures" was played on Don Campau's No Pigeonholes show, 8/14.

Little Fyodor seems to be working his way through "The Hero As Pantry" on his "Under The Floorboards" show: he played part one on 7/23 and part two on 8/13.

Currently in rotation at Remember The Future 24/7 internet radio are “Premonition”, “Matter Speaks”, and “Magnetic Necromancy” from "Adventures", and “Make the old guy run”, “Laydown Delivery”, and “Readiness” from "Laydown Delivery". Try to tune into this show before it's gone- I've been informed that it will only be around until the end of this month. Thanks to Chris for a good long run of music. I would occasionally tune in and find my stuff playing next to "Atom Heart Mother" or "Gates Of Delirium". Quite an honor.



There are reviews up now at Aural Innovations for "Adventures Of Forever And Nowhere" and Jugalbandi's "Laydown Delivery".

Progressive Palace Radio has added all tracks from "Adventures" and Jugalbandi's "View Is Better From The Top Of The Food Chain" and "Cram And Stuff Method".



Well as you can see, it's been a while between updates. New hangar for Phantom Airship- lots of work to get it ready.

Meanwhile here's some things that were going on:

On 3/7, Drug Music played "Forever and Nowhere", from the "Adventures Of Forever And Nowhere" CD;

Screamin' Streamin Audio's 4/14 show featured the title track from Jugalbandi's "Laydown Delivery";

On 4/27, Drug Music once again dipped into their GS archive for "Standard, Pt. 1" from "Standard";

Adventures In Plasticland's 5/29 show was another special highlighting the exploits of the Hamilton Paranormal group, and as always the theme music for the show throughout was "The Eye That Shines In Darkness" (whole CD).

Alchemical Radio show #90 featured "Black Cavern River" from "An Awareness Of Frameworks".

Progressive Palace Radio, an online prog station, now has any track from the following albums available on request:

In Search Of The Fantastic

An Awareness Of Frameworks




Jugalbandi/Night Crazy

I'll be sending them more soon. If you care to try before you buy, or want to satisfy your curiosity about any of these albums, make a track request and they'll play it for you. They also have a really good sized collection of other prog-oriented music you can do the same with. Check 'em out!

Melo's ProgBazaar is an excellent online forum site. They've put up forums for both Greg Segal and Jugalbandi. I've also been invited to schedule an online chat with fans through them, and I'll be looking into it.

Jeff Berg's wonderful Unfretted website, devoted to the fretless guitar, has put together a compilation CD of the work of fretless players, which I was invited to participate in. I happily agreed and "The Place Of Three Roads" appears on it.

Looking ahead:

Now that the dust is settling out this way, Hyam Sosnow says he'll be finishing up the master CD and graphics for the next Jugalbandi CD, "Bid For Legitimacy". We hope to have it available by the end of next month.

The next project to be completed from the 2003 solo sessions will be "Charting Rivers". This one will feature a lot of acoustic instrumentation, especially mandolin. I hope to resume work on that by August.

I've been informed by Jerry Kranitz, CEO (Chief Extraterrestrial Overlord) of Aural Innovations, that there should be reviews of both "Adventures Of Forever And Nowhere" and Jugalbandi's "Laydown Delivery" online at the next site update at the end of this month. I'll be posting links here, of course.



Via the miraculous gateway of Aural Innovations Radio, you can now hear two pieces from two different GS albums on two different shows: "Standard Part 2", from "Standard", can currently be heard on Alchemical Radio show #81; and "Time Ghosts 3" from "Adventures Of Forever And Nowhere" can now be heard kicking off the latest installment of the Drool Trough show (#26).

The interview with Jugalbandi by Bryan Davis is once again inhabiting cyberspace.



The 3/3 Screamin' Streamin Audio features Jugalbandi's "Muted Craters", from "Laydown Delivery".

There's a great review at industrial.org of Jugalbandi's "Night Crazy" CD.

There's a review of C. Rice Goff III's "Composition 3" (which, you may recall, I contributed a 10 minute recording to) at Aural Innovations.

Don Campau's 2/27 installment of the No Pigeonholes show included "Planet of Garbage pt. 2", from "Planet Of Garbage".

There was a great Paper Bag thread running on Progressive Ears for a while; I actually joined the forum so I could respond to people. I ended up responding to a number of other posts as well (and time permitting I will continue to do so). It's a good site, check it out.



The current (2/19) show of Aural Innovations Space Rock Radio features "Mutation Night", the long piece from "Adventures Of Forever And Nowhere".

The 2/14 show of Screamin' Streamin Audio featured Jugalbandi's "Give Him What Four", from "Laydown Delivery".


New on the Soundclips page: I've just added three complete tracks from "Adventures Of Forever And Nowhere" for download.

Speaking of which, the track "Forever And Nowhere" Was played on the 1/23 show of Adventures In Plasticland. Thanks, Spaceman Stan!



The interview with Jugalbandi by Bryan Davis is currently being shopped to sites other than Jugalbandi's, so it will be down until further notice.


Better late than never dept.: I just found out that I got over 20 minutes of coverage on the 6/27/04 Gagliarchives show. How's this for a nice chunk: "Calling 1" and "Spontaneous Knowledge" from "An Awareness Of Frameworks", followed by "The Seventh Moon" from "The Eye That Shines In Darkness". Tasty, Winslow, tasty!



A comprehensive Jugalbandi interview and overview by Bryan Davis has just been posted at the Jugalbandi site.



There's a new interview with me up on industrial.org. Writer/interviewer/experimental musician Royce Icon had reviewed the MP3 of "Returns" a while back and asked me if I'd be interested in an interview. Me, shy away from spewing torrential verbage? Never! So I sez yes, so he sez yes, so we do the interview. And it's, you know, it's, good and everything, so, it's posted and yas can all go look at it if yas want.


The 1/16 show of Adventures In Plasticland featured "Frequency Riders 3" from "Adventures Of Forever And Nowhere". Keep an ear on Spaceman Stan, he will lead you to good music.

Also, spotted today: the Jugalbandi track "Defeat Garbanzo Medallion", from the "Night Crazy" CD, playing on Remember The Future in between the California Guitar Trio and Magma. If we're to be judged by the company we keep- or others keep for us- we are apparently doing well.



Jugalbandi's "Muted Craters" from the latest release, "Laydown Delivery", kicks off the latest Screamin' Streamin Audio show.

The 9th was a good day for airplay: Adventures In Plasticland played "Muted Craters" (it's turning out to be a popular track); and Don Campau's No Pigeonholes show featured an excerpt from "intext".



The new year is off to a good start. The Adventures In Plasticland show on the 2nd featured "Forever And Nowhere", "Time Ghosts pt. 1", "Premonition", and "Late Nights" from "Adventures Of Forever And Nowhere"; and today's Drug Music show features "Thunderbird's Wake", also from "Adventures".