Downloads, Streams and Sound Clips

This list will be growing as week by week, I post more of the releases to Bandcamp.

Greg Segal @ Bandcamp:

This is the main page for me there.

full albums featuring Greg Segal available @ Bandcamp:

A Man Who Was Here

Night Circus, part one

Night Circus, part two

Adventures Of Forever And Nowhere

New Music Monday, vol. 1

Building/Frank Idyll Growth (with Bret Hart and Bob Jordan)


Free MP3 downloads direct from Phantom Airship:

From "Episodes" (2004):

The Floodwaters Of Memory (1.5MB)

Darkland College Library (2.21MB)


From "Rivers" (2005):

Someday They'll Talk About This

From The Tree


From "A Play Of Light And Shadow" (2006):

A Play Of Light And Shadow


From "The Old Familiar Place" (2006):

The Clockmaker


From "Tales Of Today Will Be Tales Of Long Ago" (2006):

Tales Of Today Will Be Tales Of Long Ago



From "Wonder, Doubt And Curiosity (with David McIntire) (2007):

And Alive


From "Asleep Or Somewhere Else" (with Eric Wallack) (2003):

Valleyheart Bridge


From "Standard" (2004):

Standard, pt. 1 (3.24MB)

Inner Ways (2.11MB)


From "The Eye That Shines In Darkness" (2004):

The Eye That Shines In Darkness, pt 6 (5.41MB)


From "In Search Of The Fantastic" (2002):

Returns (4.64MB)


lo-fi previews:

from Water From The Moon:

Nothing In The Dark That's Not There In The Light (MP3 544k) *

The Taker (MP3 592k) *

I Was Back In School Again (MP3 614k) *

Water From The Moon (MP3 672k) *

from Darkland Express:

Honor (MP3 398k) *

Motifs (MP3 559k) *

The Time To Be (MP3 385k) *

Demolished (MP3 471k) *

What Gives You The Right (MP3 323k) *