Unused Cover Art and Promotional photos

I thought some of these were interesting enough to post.

Originally, I'd thought of doing the cover for "In Search Of The Fantastic" in black and white, like an old 50s Science Fiction movie.


When I decided to do a colorized version, one of the things I experimented with was making the sky purple as well.


The purple carried over into some of the promo shots Chrissy took during recording.


This was a promo photo framed with the interior border art from the CD, and then used for the INK19 interview.


Here's the "Planet Of Garbage" cover with the garbage going all the way up the frame, blocking the sky out of the picture.

I also experimented with a purplish tint for the front cover. The back was tinted this way but it was interesting to see what the front looked like. It's more like I pictured the landscape in my head while brainstorming the piece: cold and forbidding.


An alternate colored sky for "Adventures of Forever and Nowhere."

Another shot for "Adventures": standing near the dinosaur, starting to come unstuck and fly apart during the realities collision.


"The Old Familiar Place" originally had this nighttime cover, which was only abandoned when my new printer wouldn't reproduce the colors I wanted.


Two ideas for an interior cover for "A Play Of Light And Shadow": me as a ghost Noh mask, and me as a wandering malevolent ghost.


Three alternate colorizations, and an alternate name font, for "Tales Of Today Will Be Tales Of Long Ago."


An alternate cover idea for "Phase Two".


Here's the full picture that ended up being used, in edited and faded format, for the cover of Phase Two.


Here's the cover of the unreleased "Hidden Secrets Revealed", which was originally planned as the last of the 2003 series but shelved with the "one a month" format.


The first of many attempts at the "King Of Illusion Variations" cover for Cold Sky. This is the cover I'd planned when KOI was going to be a solo project, waaay back in '81.

This one was rejected as too busy.

This one almost made it.


This is a fairly recent photo of the Phantom Airship main desk, during the transfer project (note the 4-track Portastudio).