The latest review is from Custom Heavy, a site which covers the underground heavy music scene. They next reviewed a Jugalbandi disc, and have now done an interview with me. As always, be sure to check out the rest of the site if you visit.

The new picture up front has received so many good comments that it will probably be left there at least through to next year.


There's a new review of "Always" up at pOoTer's pSycheDelic shAcK, where prior to that it had been "on pooter's turntable" (i.e., receiving constant play, see review) for around 2 months. Anyone with an interest in psychedelic music (or psychedelic anything) should take a look around the rest of the site.

You may notice a new picture up front; this will be a new feature of the site, and I plan to change the picture once a month. Some old, some new. My way of paying back the photographers and trying to keep the site's content interesting by keeping it moving......

I was recently contacted by GeoCities about an old site which I thought they must have shut down by now, but apparently it's still up and at my disposal if I want it. It's "Gallery of the Phantom Airship" and it was originally started to handle some of the larger photographs, since at the time my site capacity was only 10MB. I abandoned the site because of the thoroughly annoying pop-up ads. I figured, if I don't want to deal with it why should I subject my friends and fans to it? But I think I may continue it specifically as a site for large files. Anyone that wants them will be waiting long enough for each one that they won't run into too many of the ads. Check back for updates on this......

Any day now I am due to record a CD of improvised duets with experimental musician Bret Hart, who has released a series of such discs. More on this as it develops.....


"Always" is now available online through CD BABY. The page for the CD features RA audio clips of the first 2 minutes of "Cold Sky", "A Man Who Was Here", "Water From The Moon", and "Honor". These are longer than the clips available here.


The CD compilation is ready! "Always Look On The Dark Side Of Life" presents 18 songs from the independent releases "Night Circus", "A Man Who Was Here", "Experimental Guitar", "Water From The Moon", and "Darkland Express", all remastered and available for the first time on CD. For ordering information, click here. To preview the songs, go to the sound clips page. To learn more about the songs and the albums they came from, take a short cut to the extended liner notes.


The great sound clip excursion is underway. If you've got MP3 or RM capability, and you haven't heard my solo stuff, you'll now be able to download some clips and check it out. Also, check out the sound page at the Jugalbandi site; and expect a Paper Bag sound page in the very near future. And expect them all to grow. ("I've got to get it all to get it all to grow.")


Everything listed on the "solo" section of this site has now been transferred to CD. The remastering process has begun but it'll be a while before it's finished. The master 2-tracks were transferred but not cleaned up yet. Each album will be done a track at a time. Meanwhile the first project will be a compilation of tracks from "A Man Who Was Here", "Night Circus", "Water From The Moon", and "Darkland Express", a collection now going under the working title "Always Look On The Dark Side Of Life".


I have left Antiworld. Fans of the band should have no fear, arrangements have been made to take care of everything and it appears their pace won't slow at all. Expect gigs and more recordings from them in the very near future. The links for the band will remain up here so that interested parties can always get info on gigs and products.


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