When I was a child, I was told

As soon as they could, they'd make me old

And give me a cart to push around

In circles

For the rest of my life.

I asked if there was an option;

They laughed and soon I was old.

I was given a cart to push around

like everyone before me.

I cannot get my hands free;

if I let go, the cart will run over me.

So they took my hands away

But they could not take my eyes.

Now I sit and watch everyone push their cart

While the rivers and oceans die

While the air gets harder to breathe

'Til the earth no longer bears food

While people sell their eyes

I must stand by and watch

As the children are trained for their pushcarts,

The fools build on a top-heavy world

Still I must push my cart

And I must fight the urge to be blind

Everything's falling down

Still I push the cart

Now they say we've got less than a lifetime left

And everyone still pushes their carts

Without hands

Without eyes

Though a few still remember how to cry

I watch without a sound

As the sun goes down.


G.S., 11/12/86


GS: taped street noise, vocal, guitar



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