There's a battle tonight on the streets

Fighting the cold and the heat

Looking for somewhere to sleep



It could happen to you or to me

Doesn't matter who you claim to be

Sometimes fate takes you down, don't you see?


I know this old man whose son will not allow him to stay

"My father died some time ago" is all that he will say



Now he sleeps in the rain and the cold

It's too late to speak words left untold

Won't be long 'til he's gathering mold



Wonder what his young grandson would say

To know grandfather's passing away

Somewhere out in the slums of L.A.


Turning on, the world turns darker every single day

People falling from the order into the decay



I can't handle a job or a strain

Seems I'm constantly going insane

With no options how am I to blame?



Wasn't lazy, just differently strung

Thought I'd wait but I waited too long

Shut me out and my chances were gone


Folks back home and friends I've known

won't bother with me now

Can't say that I blame them,

nonetheless I'm going down



Stand for living or sit down for death

Mumble uselessly under your breath

That the rest of the world has gone deaf



We've been treated like trash to be thrown

Don't leave us out here alone

But there's nobody listening at home



G.S., 12/30/91

(with substantial revision of "Shelter", 1/13/92)


GS: acoustic & electric guitars, vocals



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