Quick flashes-


Just out of school

Gotta catch a plane

Tan misty sky threatens rain


It's morning and I've just awoke

And I'm not sure where I am

but I think there was a swinger's party here last night

It sounds like it still might be going on


I've got my luggage and I'm off down the hall

I think there's two hours to go before my flight

I hear a sound as I pass a utility closet

So I open it to find


A woman in a tight black leather cocoon

Hanging from the rod by a harness around her chest

Mummified head to toe not a drop of her shows

Hands and feet bound together behind her

Suspended in a hog-tie


She moans and writhes behind the gag and hood

I assume, I hope, in ecstasy

I'm not sure but I think I hear the hum

Of a vibrator somewhere inside of her


I want to play but I don't know who she is

And I don't want to spoil someone else's scene

Besides, I've got a plane to catch


Well...what the hell...

This is a swinger's party, right?


So I set my luggage down, roll up my sleeves

and go to work

Tweaking her nipples through the leather

She moans in surprise and pleasure

(She didn't know I was there)

The action seems to drive her nuts

She must have been horny for hours

I tease her until I come

From hearing her moan and watching her writhe

then I look down at my watch

and realize I'd better get a move on

She's moaning even more now but

I shouldn't make her come

She's not my slave, it wouldn't be right

The torture's much worse when the orgasm's done

And it's not my place to release her


I exit the closet and look both ways

Not another soul around

Shut the door behind me drowning out delicious sound


On the way to the airport my head pounds

Can't remember the wild night before

And suddenly I wonder

Will anyone else remember she is there?

I hope so. Guess I'll never know.



G.S., 6/20-21/91


GS: acoustic drums, bass, guitars, vocal



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