Hey kids- Greg Segal here!

By now, some of you may be wondering

"Dude, like, like...what's Darkland dude?"

Is it real? Is it a dream?

And the answer is-



So now you know-


This is Darkland

A place to hide your head in the sand

While things inside us and around us drift apart


Caught in the works

Lose your blues in the shuffle or watch them grow

Reluctant or happy but pushing that cart


Holes in the sky and the seasons disrupted

Mile after mile of blackened coast

This clockwork world we have superimposed

Is a parasite destined to die with its host


You may dance on its grave or sing its eulogy

Weep for the past or rot in lethargy

Or say nothing has changed and pretend

Because it may not really matter in the end


Yeah, OK, pardon me for me being overdramatic

I wax philosophic and vent my fears

You've heard it before, it accomplishes nothing

Wordy complaints for your tired ears

But it may be the most I can honestly do

So take it or leave it, that's up to you.

I've said my piece, I'll shut up now

Until something bugs me again

Until then-


Have yourself a merry little doomsday

Play a good game, stay out of that rain

Don't get too much sun

Have as much fun as your schedule permits

And hell, don't take me too seriously,

After all, none of this stuff is real,



Good morning

Good day

Good night


Pleasant....dreams? G.S., 7/18-19/91


GS: vocal

instrumental backing by Dog Neutral:

Hyam Sosnow: drums

Leon: keyboards

Barry Kennedy: bass




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