Life in a vacuum goes flowing, smoothly

Unbroken by friendship, or light, or loving

the darkness and isolation find substance;

And into the vacuum cold hatred is born.


False evidences of difference are conjured;

Fear of one's kind turns to mistrust and rage.

The crowd turns away from innocents they have injured

And celebrate deadly myths of their age.


Life in a vacuum shows no replacement

The road to take was chosen for you

And all the signs pointing other places

Are buried in waste and tears and ash;


Changing bodies make you weaker

Lots of cracks still in your armor

As each one finds the other's weakness

We will be there to inject our plans.


As if a father beat his son when he was weak

The boy might not forget and turn the other cheek

Instead he grows up scared and beats his only son

Look beyond the parable,

This nightmare's just begun....


Life in a vacuum goes flowing smoothly

As lies civilized always end up as fact

And no one who sees the game that we're playing

Can turn his eyes away from the act


As we have been so shall we be

To fade out on a sour note

Like cats caught in a burning tree

No way to chase the hand that wrote.


G.S., 11/10/81 (v. 1 &2) and 10/15-16/85 (remainder)


GS: acoustic & electric guitar, bass, electric drums, vocal



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