Cold Sky live at Be Bop Records, 2/8/89

Now available for streaming or download at Bandcamp

CD, 55 min., 8 tracks.

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This is a very good representation of the trio lineup, with some great performances. It not only has very different versions of the solo tracks listed, but also includes an early pre-Jugalbandi, full band version of "Under The Bridge; and "Blacklight Towers", which is not available in any version anywhere else.

The sound quality is like a front row or very complete soundboard bootleg, with true stereo separation. The stereo image is just like the picture on the cover! There were technical problems throughout the evening, which are as accurately represented as the music: equipment sputters and crackles; the PA gives the vocals a boxy, slightly distorted sound, and it cuts out twice, briefly. But that's what you would have heard if you were in the room!

This was the band's first show in front of people (our only previous show for an audience being a live radio set on KXLU in November '88). That night broke records for low temperatures in the area; outside the club it was 28 degrees F. While this would not have been a problem in a city used to cold winters, in L.A. this drastically limited the turnout, despite being among the picks of the week in the L.A. Weekly. The audience was made up of die-hard supporters, mostly family and friends: M. Segal, Tom Shannon, Dave Mcintire, Steve Shaw, girlfriends/family/spouses, etc. They managed to sound like a fair amount of people!


The songs are:

Under The Bridge

The Invasion

Blacklight Towers

Nothing In The Dark (That's Not There In The Light)

If I Die Tomorrow

Clear Day

A Man Who Was Here

King Of Illusion


Cold Sky was:

George Radai.....bass & bass pedals

Hyam R. Sosnow.....drums

Greg, vocals


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$10 (plus $3 s&h)

Phantom Airship Records

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Cold Sky