The black and white rolls up the road

You feel so very far from home

There's no way out, the law's the law

Don't you know KID?


See, they just don't care what you do,

Since it ain't really up to you

The orders come and orders never lie, KID.


They can't look at themselves

So they point straight at you

They've seen your type before

You're just another kid stoned and breaking the law


And you rob

And you steal

Or you kill

Or you's all the same to them.


The cuffs are on

The club comes down

They kick you as you hit the ground

That's OK, you gave 'em shit,

Don't you know, kid?


They take their anger to the streets

They've got nobody else to beat

Your rights are just a fallacy,

Don't you know kid?


G.S., early '82


GS: guitar, bass, acoustic drums, vocals



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