Places to stay

All familiar

None of them home


Places have spirits

Though most can't feel them

Contacts made on planes unknown


A place has a presence

Something like a person

Abstract yet somehow

Direct and pure


Stains left behind by those who've passed through

Intent of design shows even more


Who were they built for

These cubicle patterns

Resembling but never embodying home


The children of Wotan

A nation of strangers

Living only to work

And then moving on



I've lived in too many to count

Each one's left a stain on my soul


Anonymous places

Rented lives

Move in when it's fresh and

Move on when it gets old


The past is a landmark condemned and torn down

Leaving photos and memories as testament


Apartments and people

Existing alone


Strangers thrown together

Making the best of it


G.S., 7/3/91


GS: acoustic and electric guitar, vocals, bass, electric drums


photo: GS


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