3/1/00: Antiworld working on new material, including one with lyrics and another with music by GS; recording/shows in the works for Paper Bag within the next two months- this time with the participation of GS and George Radai; recording planned for Jugalbandi and GS sessions with Marc Mylar also slated for the next two months- it will be a busy time. Upcoming gig at Elephant Books on March 3 sees the old pedalboard getting new additions including a limb- what does that mean? Come to the show and find out! The new tape will be on sale there as well. And if by chance you miss the's expected to be (seperately) audio and video taped. If all goes well it's hoped those will be available to order.

3/7/00: Last Friday's GS Experimental Guitar show at Elephant Books was videotaped and audiotaped for posterity and possibly for private release- details will be posted here.

3/8/00: Plans are firming up for a new live Paper Bag recording, to take place at the end of March..... Jugalbandi should be recording new material around that time as well, and will be sorting through last year's recordings so that they can be organized into release(s)..... An Antiworld show is slated for May 7th at the Paris Theater (Portland OR), in celebration of Another State of Mind's 6 year anniversary. Other bands will include Statch and the Rapes, The Speds, plus several others to be announced..... Following the relatively successful Elephant Books solo show, GS plans to do a few more in the Portland area, this time hopefully incorporating some drums. These will be announced as more info is available.... and last but definitely not least, Bag Theory, a PB spinoff band featuring M. Segal, Tom Shannon and Anthony whose last name I still do not have, are in rehearsal. The band will be working straight out of the PB rule book, creating improvisational music.

4/14/00: Recording for the new Paper Bag release took place in Los Angeles before a small audience of invited friends on 3/31. PB played three sets over a three hour period, all recorded live to a portable digital studio. The lineup: M. Segal, drums and percussion; George Radai, basses, bass pedals, effects, and master of the recording crew; Dave McIntire, vocals and percussion; and Greg Segal, guitar and effects. The pare-down has not yet begun and I have not heard any of the playback, but I recall there being a lot of good stuff. Look for more info here soon........Jugalbandi spent April 1st through 4th recording and mastering, producing 6 hours of new material and organizing our entire body of recorded work into a whopping 7 CDs, 4 of which were culled from these new sessions. (The breakdown is: 1 CD of Jugalbandi "classic", from '93; 2 CDs of pieces from last year; and the 4 new ones.) Hyam is currently working on making the masters for these, so that tapes can be produced for public consumption in the very near future........Lots of raw material and the basics for several new songs were recorded by Marc Mylar and GS on 3/28-29. The intention is for this to be finished and organized into a CD release for Trigon records. This was a project started in '93. We are much closer now to having a finished product and hopefully it won't be another 7 years before we have one for you!........The first Antiworld rehearsal in a month last night was very tight and seriously kick-ass, not lame and disjointed as we all expected to be after such a long break. We are all looking forward to the show on the 7th at the Paris, where some of the new material will hopefully be premiered- show up and find out!.......Michelle Klein-Hass gave me a bunch of color Dog Neutral photos, along with color shots of me doing a solo show in '91, and yet another set of me posing with Sativa Luvbox, during my one whole week as a member of the band! (All her work, of course. And at the PB recording on 3/31, she took photos for the cover. Haven't seen these yet but will probably get copies soon.) Selections from all of these will be scanned and posted in the near future, look for announcements in the "New to the Site" section........I am currently working on getting RA soundclips for the site, but am not sure if it will work yet........Last, the old pedalboard is no more! It's been carved up into two separate boards, easier to carry and load. It features all the same equipment, except for the EH16 Second Digital which died minutes before the start of the PB recording on 3/31 (which means that this will be the only PB release it isn't on). I have switched to a Line 6 Delay Modeler and am still getting used to it. I had it with me for the PB session but didn't end up using it once the whole evening. I did use it pretty extensively for the Jugalbandi recording and got a lot of very good sounds out of it, but I'm still not completely comfortable with it yet. While it has many of the same features as the old EH 16 Second- 1/2 speed, reverse, etc.- the controls, parameters, options and real-time functional use are very, very different, and it's going to take some work to understand it well enough to get the most out of it. I will miss the EH but after 16 years of service this was bound to happen.

5/1/00: A running order has been set for the Jugalbandi discs. This is revised from the earlier projected 4 discs. We are now doing 3 at around 70 minutes rather than 4 at 60. Some material had to be cut, but may surface at a later date. Total for the Jugalbandi discs soon to be available is now at 6. The Classic Jugalbandi collection will include the long distance improvisational recording experiment, "Retirement"......Rough tapes of the Paper Bag session of 3/31 should be on the way soon, and we will then begin the paring-down process, naming, voting for inclusion on the disc, etc.

5/20/00: The Antiworld show on the 7th was a ton of fun, all the bands on bill were very cool and the audience was great (as always). Special mention must go to the many splendored hats of the Commies and to the inked butts of Statch and the Rapes. Look for Antiworld at the Redroom in Portland, OR on June 17th- more info to be posted under Gigs soon......An Antiworld photo shoot on the 11th yielded some great shots.....The covers for the Jugalbandi 2000 discs are coming along nicely. We are hoping to have all the basic work on the masters and the covers done by the end of the taken on 5/19 for the Jugalbandi booklets show GS with guitar, and the new pedalboard set up (by itself) to illustrate it for the equipment page.....Very little news from the Paper Bag front at the moment- kicking around title ideas but nothing certain yet.

6/29/00: The Antiworld shows of the last 2 weekends were rowdy fun. Included in the sets were "Banshee", "Hill House" and "Cellar Dweller", which hadn't been heard out live recently. The band next plans to go into the studio to record new material- and maybe a few surprises...

The Jugalbandi 2000 project is coming along. CD masters are being finished, the covers and booklets are designed and almost done, business matters are being attended to. Hyam is recovering quickly from a surgery performed on his shoulder on the 15th.

7/3/00: Jean Cheesman's updated Atomic Rooster site is up and running. Anybody interested in the band shouldn't miss it, and anyone who's never heard of the band needs to go there and check it out!

8/21/00: Antiworld recorded a bunch of new stuff on 8/13, including 2 covers for an upcoming Rozz Williams/Christian Death tribute CD; mixdown is set for the end of the month. The band will be doing shows in California in late September, check links on the Antiworld page for more details right now (they will be posted here soon).......

The "Jugalbandi 2000" 3-disc set is nearly ready to go- the covers are at the printers now and should be ready by the end of the month. Full sets will come with a special additional booklet telling the story of the set, band history, and "The Jugalbandi Manifesto". The discs will also be available individually. The titles: "The View Is Better From The Top Of The Food Chain"; "Yellow Star Mailing List"; and "The Cram And Stuff Method". Each one features over 70 minutes of music, recorded live to DAT. Each CD booklet contains full liner notes for each track, photos, detailed equipment information, and "The Jugalbandi Improvisation Level Classification System", which indicates how much improvisation (and what type) was going on in each piece. The discs themselves feature custom labels and artwork. Two of the three discs feature cover art by Greg Segal. Look for Jugalbandi to be getting its own site in the very near future.......

8/24/00: The Jugalbandi home page is up and running, a separate site. My personal Jugalbandi page will remain up at this site for the time being.

12/00: GREGSEGAL.COM is up and running. Plans are in the works for many projects. Stay tuned.


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