cover versions we'd like to hear

(possible or impossible, it matters not; these are visions which bring me a chuckle; no comment intended on artist or song, it is the combination that amuses)



To Sir, With Love- Jimmy Durante ("What, what can I give yas in retoin?")

Minnie The Moocher- Jack Webb

Great Balls of Fire- Maurice Chevalier

Green Acres theme- Sting

Like A Virgin- Udo Kier ("Like A Wirgin"...suggested by Dave McIntire)


The King Crimson section:

21st Century Schizoid Man- Manhattan Transfer (complete with finger snaps and wide-eyed, head- bobbing choreography)

The Great Deceiver- John Wayne

Neurotica- Peter Lorre

Starless- Tom Jones (this one might actually work!)

Cadence and Cascade- The Ink Spots (complete with spoken word mid-section)

Thrak- Kronos Quartet (suggested by Danny Anderson)

21st Century Schizoid Man- John Zorn's Naked City (with Yamatsuka Eye on vocals) (suggested by Danny Anderson)

Trio- w/ Bill Bruford's part played by Marcel Marceau (suggested by Eric Wallack in a particularly surrealist mood)

Moonchild- William Shatner ("moon.....child.....standing in the......................shallows....") (suggested by Dave McIntire)

One More Red Nightmare- Tori Amos (suggested by Dave McIntire)



(Suggestions for this list are welcome! If used, you will receive a "suggested by" credit. Send your suggestions to gregsegal@gregsegal.com)