The victim is the monster

Is the victim

Is the monster


These words

Condemning me to hell

The words

Condemning me to hell


Those saving hands

Those smiling friends

Feel like more knives


It's so hard to tell

It's so hard to feel

Another way


I want to annihilate

All that I am

And all that touches me


Bring it down

To the open abomination

That it is

That is dormant


The horror made visible

Cause the pain and drink it

Which causes more pain

Which makes me cause more


Drunk on it



It's there that

I feel it to the root


The victim is the

Monster is the victim

Is the monster


Strangle it

Down to the root

The force of life

Down to the root


Leave only horror


For moments like this


It is destiny


The world is ash


And the abomination and the horror

Is all that is left


Shows on burnt faces


No longer human


Punctured eyes


My bleeding




Let me see no more of this


Come away


No more of this


GS 12/15/90


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