Building/Frank Idyll Growth 

Bret Hart Bob Jordan Greg Segal


1. The Basic Neurosis

2. Veil Of Purposefulness

3. Bossa Nova Mind

4. I Am A Potato, Everywhere

5. O 2 B Two

6. Ironic Hat Supply/Iron Shorts

7. The Mystical Moist

All tracks by Hart/Jordan/Segal, except "Veil Of Purposefulness" and "Bossa Nova Mind" by Hart/Jordan.


Bret Hart: telecaster, dobro, foundation loops (w/instrument and room mic), percussion, electric uke

Bob Jordan: percussion, theremin, ukelele, kalimba, Korg monotron microsynth, harmonica, voice, lovely 4-string dulcimerish thing

Greg Segal: bass/mini-drums/trumpet/clarinet/violin/cello/recorder/toy piano/toy bugle/Vietnamese xylophone/tubular bells/bamboo & metal chimes/wood and metal percussion/eastern European-flavored gibberish/digital concrete/final arrangements and finishing touches

special guest: Lulu Segal, drums (beginning of "The Basic Neurosis")


Hart/Jordan recorded live to digital 1/11-12/14

GS recorded whenever possible during 2/11-3/7/14


Notes, Greg Segal:

The tracks Bret sent me were very live, clearly a recording of two musicians having fun in the same room. I wanted to keep the sense of humor intact, and try to blend my tracks into the mix as much as possible, so that it sounded like we were all together. I couldn't help but respond with some of my own humor, and the result is that we all had fun doing this. With any luck that will be infectious to the listener.

"A life without silliness is a life ill-spent." -Sahm Oldghai