Bret Hart & Greg Segal

Duets Vol. 1

cover art by Bret Hart


Recorded in December 2001, this is the direct predecessor and companion piece to "In Search Of The Fantastic", which I was inspired to record after doing this. Bret has done a large series of such Duets albums (this is #27!). He sent me a CD of improvised tracks, which I then improvised over without having heard anything ahead of time.

This is a more abstract album than "Fantastic", and it's lighter sonically (not as dense). All sorts of instruments were used on this, and many of Bret's are homemade.

Duets Vol. 2

Now Available for Free Download

cover art by Greg Segal

Recorded in February 2003, this sounds almost nothing like Vol. 1! Instead, you get a wide mix of predominantly heavy styles, ranging from acidic rock riffs to the sound of Bret attacking an instrument with power tools while Greg provides treated vocal loops!


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