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1. A Handful Of Ashes (20:40)

2. The Hook And The Point (11:37)

3. Simple Answers (5:07)

4. Laugh Gently (2:50)

5. At The End Of The Day (3:04)

Total Time: 43:29


(lyrics below, after credits)

(notes after credits!)


Written 2006-2015.

Recorded at any opportune time, 2014-2015, @ Phantom Airship 7, Portland, OR.


All Songs written and performed by Greg Segal. Accept no substitutes.

All rights reserved so don't be greedy or stupid.



vocals, drums and percussion, guitars, bass, keyboards, clarinet, trumpet, cello, recorder, homemades (many categories), digital concrete, violin, and most likely some other things I've forgotten.



front: Lulu Segal

back, and photo treatments: GS


Special thanks to Chrissy for taking the kids out on multiple occassions so I could record acoustic instruments




I have been on a journey

I have come back to tell

I have brought back the gold

But now beyond the spell


I look down and I see

In my hand mocking me

Only nothing and dreams

And a handful of ashes


How I bled for the insight

How I strove to excel

How I thought Iíd found knowledge

But now beyond the spell


I look down and I see

In my hand mocking me

Only nothing and dreams

And a handful of ashes


Now Iím older and cautious

I look back very far

I remember the process

All the ecstatic scars


And I see it has value

And it does have a place

Maybe not how you wanted

But thatís not a mistake


The mistakes come with dogma

And no room for dissent

Metaphors crowned as fact

Steal away innocents


Who will not be so pure

As they live for the day

They discover a leash

They will then hand away


And those who will come through

With no master or chains

Will find in the end

Small respect for their pains


No one waits at the threshold

Celebrating return

As you look for receivers

The treasure has turned


(instr. break)


Now back in a world

Where to win is to follow

Mysteries preordained

Victories proudly hollow


There is no point to tell

What will not be believed

And no way to express

Dreams that canít be relieved


You are nothing and no one

Youíve been outside for years

There is no point pretending

You mean anything here


Thereís an alley for heroes

Thereís the ground for the lame

And no honest intent

Can be free of the game


I look down and I see

In my hand mocking me

Only nothing and dreams

And a handful of ashes





Why leave me here

And not deliver?

By such extraordinary means, it seems

Was my life changed


Maybe that was the hook

But it wasn't the point

My stubborn streak ran deep


There still were things I could believe

Forces I could not percieve


Where insanity, myths and religions are born

That was the ocean where I swam


In destiny and prophecy

In hidden reasons behind everything


In secrets and in rightness

In patterns and in visions


I was too young to think

That things could be and yet

Be different


Like thunder and earthquakes were not god

The unknown was a deep facade

A blank a mirror and behind it

Moved the massive flow of all


How could it not be personal

Look there in the mirror

It's me


And so perhaps direction

Was what was really meant

By who and how I do not know

A summons came, I went


To end up where

Nowhere it seems


To search for meaning

In your dreams

Is near to finding

Heads can lead to tails


I know I felt like I was called

And consolation is a stall


But maybe things mean something

Yes things may still mean something

After all




Most simple answers are lies

Most simple answers


Don't tell the whole story


How can they


Condensations and conundrums

Meditative koans

Shortcuts and fables

Poetry and textbooks don't work the same way


And why should they


Most simple answers are true

Most simple answers tell you

Answers and questions and answers and

Bottom line points of reflection


Don't show all


And how could they


Watch as all points (watch as each point)


All other points (cancels its opposite point)


Leaving you here


Asking why


And why shouldn't you




I once looked

For a ring

For an hour

I thought it was lost

But it was on my other hand


And I once looked

For a hat

That was on my head


I once looked

For glasses

I was wearing


It's OK to laugh

I did

Laugh gently though


After all

Don't you know

This could easily happen to you


Maybe it already has

It could be happening right now

In ways of which

You are currently unaware


So laugh gently

I do

It still happens to me sometimes

It could happen to you too


Any day, any time

It could happen

Laugh gently

I do





At the end of the day

What is it you need

Gold to tarnish and sit or

Common ground for your seed


The ends are just trophies

The means are what feed

Hidden gold to pass on

And the cycle continues


Philosophy sits

Like a last meal gone bad

Not much of an escape

For what's driving you mad


You might like an answer

But I can't give you one

I have only found ways

To keep on keeping on


For better or worse

Bringing new lives and roles

Hidden gold to pass on

And the cycle continues




This was the album I returned to active duty with, after about eight years off. It's heavily personal, but I took all the specifics out so that it would be easier for anyone to identify with. It's about having a calling, that comes in a way so extreme you can't ignore it. You step up for it, arrange your life around it... and nothing seems to happen. What then?

I was watching Bill Moyers and Joseph Campbell "The Power Of Myth", and Campbell mentioned an old fairy tale motif, where the hero goes away on his quest, brings back gold from the forest, steps out with the prize to take to the people, and it's all turned to ash. That's the metaphor I hung the album around.

The title track is kind of a lament, laying out what's happened, what's been learned. (Tech note: the jangle stick and stomping platform heard at the beginning of the track were built especially for use during the first few lines. Two days of work for those few seconds. Totally worth it!)

"The Hook And The Point" is about the possibility that what draws you into a situation isn't necessarily what you're really there for.

"Simple Answers" starts with a visit to an old man/mechanic archetype, when the vehicle for traversing the philosophical byways breaks down. Essentially, you have to contemplate your way out, there is no quick fix to be bought. The song itself talks about how any philosophical viewpoint can be made to reverse itself if carried far enough, leaving you to then still have to make your own decisions.

"Laugh Gently", though not the last song, is actually the punchline of the album. You may search long and hard and for an answer, only to find it's right there with you and very simple. This is not an excuse or a reason to become cynical or derisive though- it basically happens to everyone at some point.

"At The End of The Day" is an epilogue, where there is a kind of universal settling going on. It's not ideal, perhaps; and in fact it may merely be the setup for the same thing to happen to someone else all over again, etc. ad infinitum. But that's the actual pattern of things. And regardless of what happens to us individually, the pattern itself goes on.