3/31 - 4/1/78



Sometimes I'd just chainsmoke these things- finish up one, move right on to the next. Here's a case in point. I started this immediately after finishing "Germany At Night" and finished it up the next day.

The title came long after this was finished, taken from lyrics that never got turned into a song. Both lyrics and art were inspired by the tremendous amount of anger I had for a lot of the snobby, cliqueish kids around me in jr. high, when this was done. (I am tempted to go into this at length but will keep it short for now.) Something had really set me off that day and it had to come out. There was an incident before class. Afterwards, in class, we were shown a film. I put the last touches on "Germany At Night" by the flickering light from the screen, and got a good long way into this one before the film ended. When the lights came up, I kept going. The teacher was annoyed by this but for some reason didn't stop me for a while. I continued working on it at home, and through classes the next day, eventually finishing it up in the same class I started it in.




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