pen and ink


The date for this one is a real mystery to me, but I think it's considerably later than the others. It could be as early as '78 and as late as the mid-80s. Normally I have a much better idea, but...

This one is me in an architectural/abstract mood- nothing readily identifiable but things do have a sense of depth and chunkiness to them, like you're flying over or through some alien landscape. I'm also experimenting with two-tone black here- something I picked up in '78 and it just stuck with me as a technique. More on that elsewhere- see "War On Terrorism" for the most radical example.

The title comes from the fact that no matter which way you look at this, you can't get a sense of direction, so I jokingly wrote "This Side Up" on the back facing a different direction from each side- no matter which way you turn it for the proper view, you are both right and wrong.


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