zerograph with colored pencil


Originally this was called "Aftermath" (a title I was only too glad to change), and it is one of the few zerographs based on one of my own photos. The photo- and its original title- came from an assignment in my photography class. There'd been one of our annual Southern Californian brushfires and we were told to go out and shoot pictures of what we could see of it. The one for our grade was to be entitled "Aftermath", with the shot having to tell the story suggested by the title. The long trek through the burnt area- thoroughly illegal- was actually one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. My friend and I walked through miles of smoldering land that looked like the surface of another planet. There was plenty to photograph, and I still wish I'd brought more film. This was taken from the shot I turned in for the grade. I was still doing zerographs- for a few more months, anyway. I'd been experimenting with colored pencils going on after the ink and thought this would really lend itself to that treatment.


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