1/28 - 1/29/77



This was the second zerograph I did, and like the first (not currently part of the gallery), it featured black, white and red. While that did not always prove workable, in this case it worked perfectly. Of course I don't recall what the original picture was based on- it was an ad, featuring some guy in a white coat representing science and technological expertise in connection with some product. I didn't consciously seek to turn the whole thing monstrous, but when I started to get the outlines happening, the blood puddles just suggested themselves. By then the whole thing had taken on a very sinister tone anyway- check out his face, for example- and so the blood stains on the clean white surfaces were a natural extension of where the drawing was evolving to. I don't know where the eyes came from but after this they started appearing on everything. And then of course there's the floor giving way to what looks like some strange dimension of space. The idea that gateways to other planes could be lurking anywhere, like trapdoors, like living entities even, was already very fascinating to me and not very difficult to imagine.




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