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I was back in school again

Getting ready to graduate

It wasn't my school

But if it was

I probably wouldn't go back

(It never is)


But very often if not always I feel I have returned home

To people I never knew who are my close friends

To girls who I really did use to know

Who didn't like me then

But want the chance to know me all over again


Friends and community

Always there in the back of my mind

And on waking I find


I am saddened that only in dreams

were these things truly real for me.


And every year around June

When it's time for some new class to graduate

I dream and I leave once again

Or I'm just back

Back with friends more real than those I left behind

Back in times more fun than the truth

What was the truth?


Moments out of time, we were as one

But imprisoned, unity was in cynicism

If the authorities didn't hound us,

we often hounded each other

It was no paradise


Even if I could go back, there's not much left behind

Just dreams of what we could have been

Had we not been so blind


I was back in school again

It was graduation day

Father was speaking on the phone, so many miles away

And as he spoke, a shower broke

and rain came pouring down

The room turned gray and the light grew dim

and my soul wore a frown

He spoke to me from the land of night,

where I was soon to go

To plunge full time into the night

to wrap my dreams in snow

He spoke of payments to be made,

appointments to be kept

Smalltimes coming down so hard,

was it he or I who slept?

I comforted him and said,

"Don't worry, for I will join you soon".

Hung up the phone and I walked to the edge

And I looked down through the gloom


There in summer rain so warm

my friends lay on the ground

Drunken by the party, real escape unfound

And the girl I had come so far to reclaim was gone

along with my chances


The day will turn sunny and warm,

a day of pompousness and circumstances

And an audience of previous generations

who wish to share their blight


Goodbyes will be said and the inmates released

To work out their lifetimes in night.


G.S., summer '86


GS: acoustic, electric & slide guitars, vocal



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