I thought the combination of people and architecture would make this one fascinating to do. There were plenty of elements that could be distorted and interpreted. In this case I liked the challenge of taking a common enough street scene and giving it a kind of weird, animistic atmosphere- all the elements in the scene were alive and crawling with some kind of history, stain, or motivating force, just beneath the surface or hiding in plain sight.

Look at the black sky here for a moment. This is probably the best example of what I did when filling in large black spaces with that tiny point used to draw the entire picture. Of all of my experiments with such an extreme method, I think this one came out the best. You can see I was going for a kind of Van Gogh/"Starry Night" thing here, with the swirling black patterns up in the sky. Of course you can see this much better in person, but frankly I'm amazed I was able to get it to show up at all.



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