early '78?

pen and ink


Nuthin' fancy, just a doodle I did in class one day which seemed to me to be worth saving. Well no, I take that back, there is something fancy about it. The white background you see as part of the picture here is actually just the back of the scanner lid; the shape of the image itself is the real shape of the drawing. It was cut that way from the paper. It now looks more like an element for a paste up job or animation than a piece all by itself. But that had always intrigued me- why did an art piece have to be a specific shape? Why square or rectangular? Why not, like this one, a completely indescribable shape? I knew it was probably to do with standardization or framing; but I thought of how much fun it would be to get a frame built for the actual shape of this. That would be a sculpture in its own right.


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