The love that's strong in the wake of disaster

Soon fades in the warm light of morning

The beauty disappears and the mind clears

Lines get harsh

And people get ugly once more.


I saw your face before what we thought would be oblivion.

Futuristic, Apocalyptic,

The background holds meaning.

And as we waited for the final flash

Ugly selfishness vanished and we loved each other,

Clung close, waiting for the flash:

But it never came.


We drifted apart

And you grew uglier,

And I decayed from the inside out.

We wandered with each other for a while,


Roaming the morning city:



utterly doomed.


Then we saw the doctors,

you wouldn't tell me what was wrong neither would they;

you seemed to hate me Why is my old friend here

why are you foaming at the mouth and convulsing, him too

The doctors glare at me they pull you both

forcefully into

the inner office door

Never to return?

Adrenaline surging I stumble swiftly down the

plush gold carpet staircase thin walls


As I walk along the city street,

Trying to find my way home and thinking I remember it,

I pass an office building another old friend of mine,

A teacher (nice lady, fond memories) is working at.

It seems like another hospital waiting room.

I rest my elbows on the counter.

She's glad to see me,

but sniffling a lot and her eyes water.

She's got some kind of bug that's going around.

Says everyone else does too.


G.S., 6/ /80


GS: vocals, guitars, bass, drums, organ, bowed device, effects


illustration: GS, collaged and altered from various sources 



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