A rolling of tympanies

From out of the darkness

Flashes from the outer realms

Reveal the prince of Erebus

Royalty of the dark

Silent night

Lay claim to the rotting grandeur

Born in the new day of timeless light

Proof of ignorance

Unnatural wastelands, unasked for but paid for

In full, down the line

Don't ask by who, it's been buried


In the dark gray morning

A bell sounds

As the prince of Erebus is revealed

Not as foe but as avenger

A reminder of the days before

A clown in a suit of darkness

The darkness beyond the door

He who has kept the score

And keeps a lone vigil on a silent midnight hill



G.S., '83


 Kenny Ryman: looped piano

GS: vocal, guitar


photo: Marilyn Moon,

heavily altered by GS


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