is it just nostalgia? -


get out while you can

accelerate the beat

beat, beat them at your own game

following unknown rules

beat the sense they knocked in - out


is it just convenient? -


wishing death or suicide

or just a violent surprise

did the hardcore lion slam

into the wall for nothing more than a buzz?


time, what a time it was

the feeling of self-worthless

missing the target - keep pulling the trigger

placing bets on your own reality

driving fast and hiding hard


some of us got good at insulation

some of us got good at aggravation

some of us disappeared

some of us never were


some of us were great (or not)

some of us lived on frightened laughter

(if Darby were alive today

he'd be dead from AIDS)


guarantee you missed your chance

guarantee you lied to get out


promises are what you are

memories are what you wish you were

what was hatred is now pure

what was gutter trash is now sainted




we are what we loved and feared

and nothing has changed

we were happy we were scared

and nothing has changed


(c) David McIntire



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