I'm in love with my wife's backside

That firm and inviting end

Those dangerous curves

From the back of her crown to her heels


A fascinating sight

Though some might disagree


I am married to life.


I have been in love with both sides of her

as long as I can remember


It's all in one's attitude

We're so obsessed with the beginning

When the end is so close


The beginning and the end

Don't really go anywhere

They're always right next to each other


And this beautiful woman is alive and sensuous

And loves it when I make love to all of her

Every part of her can be used to turn her on

Then she turns me on

Just by being there


Some days I may prefer her backside to her front

But really, I don't think she minds

I think she knows I love all of her


Judgmental prudes tell me I should only be in love with her front

Preferring her beginning

But they seem infantile and short-sighted to me

They would choose sides in yin and yang and destroy the whole


Besides, she's my wife

I'll love her any way I please

Especially if I know it pleases her


By knowing all of her

I can look at part of her and still feel her whole presence


Just because I'm looking at her ass

Doesn't mean I've forgotten her face

It's all one woman

And that face will still be there when she turns over


I've been told I spend so much time looking at her backside

That I must be waiting for her to go

And that if I really loved her I'd spend all my time on her front

By my own choosing

As if the only time I should see her backside

Is when she forces it on me.


We don't have that kind of relationship.

She gives herself to me in any way I ask, usually.


Though she certainly has a mind of her own

And we argue sometimes

That makes her interesting.


My wife is not a robot or a car or a servant


She's a partner I have adventures with


She is my adventure


And if the last thing I see is her beautiful ass

I can die happy.


I sure as hell have seen uglier parts of her

Like when she's been sick.

Those things we can both do without.


For some reason many people can't see the difference

between her shit and her ass.

If you ask me, they're the ones with a problem.


So one more time (can I get an "amen"?)


I'm in love with my wife's backside

That firm and inviting end

Those dangerous curves

From the back of her crown to her heels


I refuse to ignore or scorn such beauty


When I'm pressed up to her end

I can feel her beginning quite well

I can caress her front by reaching around


See? it's all still there

And I'm aware of it

Maybe not all the time


But if I'm on her ass

Her clit and tits and soft smooth stomach are right there

My arms around her waist

My hands are all over her

Her neck is easy to kiss

I can nibble and lick her ears comfortably from behind

She likes that-


Don't be fooled by our positions

I'm not watching her go

I'm helping her come


We're coming in the white light

Inside us

And the cool darkness

Around us


As long as we're together

We'll get each other off any way we please



And coming

To the end


That beautiful, firm, soft




GS, 11/15/91


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