another moonless night

another useless day

a few quiet moments

in disquieting times

we'll take our peace

where we find it


even in a 3AM weed-fettered patio where everything is shadow

everything is shadow

even the refinery across the rooftops to the south

even the sound of the helicopter as it creepy crawls the city

even the neighbor's cat, eyes glowing with suspicion


another heartless day

another listless night

and in quietly momentous times

we'll pick up our pieces

where we find them


even in the hole in the bottom of the bucket

even in the storm drains

even in the pile of ash and butts dumped out of someone's car ashtray in the handicapped spot in front of Vons


the pieces are the peace

our peace is in pieces

and we'll find it where we find it

in moonless shadows

and in the stunning silence


(c) David McIntire



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