How long will we remember the name Amadou Diallo?

For how long shall we recall his death?

Certainly the forty one shots have been well documented,

examined, reexamined, decried, defamed, explained,

excused, justified, criticized, twisted and warped

until these shots no longer even resemble bullets

but rather simple molecules from a complex

chemical equation


So the parts are there; the journalistic diatribes,

the enraged denouncements, the pompous denials, the photos, the interviews,

the witness accounts,

the innumerable op-ed pieces

all of which will well serve any future historians

who may have some studious interest in turn-of-the-century

police/community relations and the

socioeconomic ramifications thereof


But what about us?

How long will we remember?

What lessons will we truly glean from such an act

of sadness?


How long will we remember

the name Amadou Diallo?


(c) David McIntire


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