i am caught up in despair

unable to navigate so precarious a path

as that lain before us by the masters of destruction


i am wrapped up in fear

disabled not by the nebulous anxiety engendered

by the demonized-to-the-point-of-caricature Osama

but rather by the all too real idiot-with-his-finger-on-the-button Bush


i am entangled with the waking nightmare

that has become business as usual

in this nation standing on the precipice

populate with so many who simply don't want to know,

would rather stand in the middle of the tornado

fingers in their ears as they chant "lalalalalalalalalalalalal"

as if we wouldn't all love to believe that

a child's petulant ritual could successfully avoid bloodshed


i am inextricably chained to the horror

above which we now dangle

understanding that we, ourselves, are now the other shoe

whose calamitous fall is broadly awaited


i am enmeshed with the knowledge

that what has been done on countless reservations across this "great" nation

that what has been done in countless banana republics

that what is being done to our most basic human rights

is about to be perpetrated, perpetuated, punctuated and prosecuted

on a country whose starving and sickly population,

half of whom are under fifteen,

will be crushed beneath the machinery of death

machinery designed and built with our tax dollars

and this knowledge is crushing my head and my heart

and the violence seems infectious

because the blood in my skull is knocking holes in my courage

while the mud in my gut is swamping my convictions


and so i trudge

enmeshed, entangled, and chained

through the day

trying to remember how to smile

when all i want to do is cry

trying to remember how to breathe

when all i want to do is bleed

trying to remember how to talk

when all i want to do is scream



(c) David McIntire


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